Frequently Asked Questions


How do I start shopping online?

Download the My Suki app on your smartphone from

Google Play Store:

Apple App Store:


Scan the QR code or manually add LOPUE in the Suki Vendor code to start shopping. Make sure your country setting is in the Philippines

Is the price in the store different from the price in the MySuki App?

The price in the app and in-store is the same. Just make sure your app is updated.  However, there would be a difference for items priced by weight (e.g. fresh chicken) as we will charge you for the actual weight of the item.


What are the goods available in the app?

For now, only grocery items are included.  We will soon add more items to the app.


Why most of the items I am looking for are not listed? 

The items shown in the categories are only the top 1000 items. You can use the search bar to type the item barcode or description of the product you are looking for. We have over 7,000 items in our online store.


Does no photo mean no stock?

No. Even if an item has no photo it is possible we have stocks. 


What is the minimum amount for online orders?

A minimum amount of Php 1,000.00 is required for each transaction.


How can I get updates of my order? Can I request for substitute items in case some products are unavailable?

Your app will update the status of your order from NEW to:

ACCEPTED –  Lopue’s has received your order

PICKING – Lopue’s is starting to pick your order

FINAL CHECKING – You can now view your order details for items that are not available

*Lopue’s will text you whether to proceed or to cancel the order. You can request for substitute items by emailing and kindly indicate your Order #.

READY FOR DELIVERY – you can now proceed with your bank transfer payments after

            you have received your Final total via Text


How long before my orders get delivered?

Same day delivery is available for the first 20 orders received between 9:00 am and 12:00 pm and for pick up orders placed before 2:00 pm. Orders placed after 2:00 pm will be delivered the next day.  

How much do you charge for delivery?  

Free delivery for Final Total worth Php 5,000 and up (excluding cigarettes and alcoholic beverages), Php 99.00 for the first 5Km and Php 13 for each succeeding Km.  If your location is beyond our delivery area (currently at 15km), please call 09519563318 for separate pricing.

Can I change the delivery address of my order?

The address indicated in the order can no longer be changed. In case of errors, you can email before the 4:00 pm cut off.


What are the payment options for delivery?

COD (Cash on Delivery) or Bank transfer via Instapay.  Please settle only when your app status has updated to Ready for Delivery or after you have received a text message for your final total.



Can I earn Great Rewards points with my purchase?

During check out, please add a note and indicate your Great Rewards Card Number using this format: Great Rewards <Great Rewards Number>

Please make sure the name in your account matches the name in your Great Rewards card. The points you earned will be shown in your receipt upon delivery or pick up.

Do you give Senior Citizen / PWD Discount?

We cannot offer the Senior Citizen / PWD discount. Currently, there is no policy in place for senior citizen discounts applied to online transactions but we will abide once the government regulations are updated.


Can I shop online thru my PC?

No, at the moment you can only shop using your smartphone 


Which branches is Lopue’s My Suki available now?

MySuki is currently available at Lopue’s San Sebastian branch only. 

More queries?

For concerns regarding your order please email or your may reach us at +63 951 9563318

For technical concerns regarding the Lopue’s MySuki app please email



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